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Be a Leader! Embrace Civility

This program is being Updated. You can still view and download the current components.

The additional resource will be a guide for student leaders. This guide will contain important insight into the nature of bullying behavior, strategies to empower students to be more self-confident and resilient, to accept personal responsibility and remedy the harm, and to increase positive peer intervention.

The guide will also contain the essential guidance that is currently in the Educator Instruction Guide, but this will be shifted to a student presentation focus. 


Be a Leader! Embrace Civility is a research-based student empowerment program. Be a Leader! Embrace Civility will help students gain critical important personal relationship skills in five key areas:

  • Reach Out. Be kind to those who are treated badly or left out and help resolve conflict.
  • Say “Stop.” Help those who are hurtful stop, accept personal responsibility, and remedy the harm.
  • Report Concerns. Report serious concerns to an adult who can help.
  • Stop, Own it, and Fix It. If you were hurtful, stop yourself and remedy the harm.
  • Be Positively Powerful. Respond effectively if someone is hurtful and become positively powerful.

Cost: Free of Charge! Download the reproducible materials here:

Be a Leader! Embrace Civility is a new program. It has been pilot tested in in some schools and they raved about it. In one school, one of the students who took a leadership role in presenting the program in 8th grade now coordinates an anti-bullying program with more than 80 active students in his high school.

It is important for educators to also understand the research-based insight that underlies all of the messaging in this program. Please check out the Educator Resources that provide the extensive research insight that underlies this program, especially Units 2 – 5 of Empower Students to Embrace Civility.


If you are interested in making a donation because you appreciate the value of this resource, this wold be gratefully received. This is not a 501 c3 organization. 



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