Engage Students to Embrace Civility

Engage all members of the school community in establishing a positive school climate that embraces kindness, inclusion, and civility.

Increase the effectiveness of school staff in discussing positive relations with students and responding to what appears to be minor hurtful incidents in a restorative and empowering manner.

Increase the effectiveness of principals in investigating and intervening in the more serious or chronic situations in a manner that is restorative and supports the increased resilience of the involved students.

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Book Overview

Engage Students to Embrace Civility provides insight for educators:

  • Why current bullying prevention approaches are not effective and research-based strategies to achieve a more positive school climate that fosters positive relations.
  • Strategies to empower students to foster positive relations.
  • Strategies to empower school staff to effectively respond when they witness hurtful incidents or hurtful incidents are reported.
  • Strategies to effectively investigate and intervene in the more serious or chronic situations.

Engage Students to Embrace Civility ~ The Book

Engage Students to Embrace Civility, the book, is now available on Amazon.

The chapters include:

  • Chapter 1. Evidence That what Schools are Doing is Not Working and Why This Matters
  • Chapter 2. Why What Schools are Doing Isn’t Working
  • Chapter 3. Creating Safe and Welcoming Schools
  • Chapter 4. Connections, Competencies, and Engaged Students
  • Chapter 5. Positive Strategies to Foster Positive Relations
  • Chapter 6. Legal Issues
  • Chapter 7. Positive Strategies for Intervention

There are also numerous Appendices. Appendices B-H are for the purpose of implementing a positive and restorative investigation and intervention.

  • Appendix A. Assessment of Current Strategies
  • Appendix B. Investigation Protocol
  • Appendix C. Protection Plan
  • Appendix D. Positive Action Plan
  • Appendix E. Accountability Process for Hurtful Students
  • Appendix F. Accountability Process for Hurtful Participants
  • Appendix G. Accountability Agreement for Hurtful Students
  • Appendix H. Accountability Agreement for Hurtful Participants

Engage Students to Embrace Civility ~ Presentations

I have done many presentations on these topics, but not so much in recent years as I have been thoroughly focused on research. This is a keynote presentation I did in Indiana in 2013.

Here is my current resume.

I am available for keynotes and workshops at conferences, as well as webinars. I am also available for staff trainings either in person or as a webinar. When doing staff training webinars, I use short presentations with breaks for local discussions.

Contact me at nwillard@embracecivility.org.

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