Expert Services

Workshops and Webinars

I am available for workshops and webinars. An example of a keynote presentation I did in Indiana on positive peer intervention is available on this YouTube video.

Legal Issues

This is a report I have prepared: Deliberate Indifference to a Hostile Environment

This in a law review article: Student Off-Campus Speech: Assessing “Substantial Disruption,” published by the Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology.

I have a thorough understanding of the current legal issues related to bullying and harassment, along with current research on bullying prevention approaches. My underlying goal is to see schools make positive steps forward to reduce incidents of bullying and harassment and to limit the harmful effects. This includes the following legal issues:

  • Discriminatory harassment under civil rights laws.
  • Requirements under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
  • Other possible causes of action, including negligence and 42 USC 1983.
  • Free speech versus disparaging speech on campus (including T-shirt issues).
  • Free speech versus off-campus speech.

It is my interest in assisting attorneys who are representing either schools or students in achieving a positive resolution to harassment and a hostile environment. I can provide the following services:

  • Short answers or guidance at no charge.
  • Professional case review, with report and legal conclusions.
  • Professional case review, with report, legal conclusions, and recommendations for remediation.
  • Assistance in development of a settlement agreement.
  • Expert testimony.

I can also provide guidance to attorneys representing schools in situations where free speech concerns have been raised either in the context of disparaging speech on campus or off-campus speech. 

The framework I have developed can provide a solid basis for settlement plans. I have created surveys, a Leadership Assessment Tool and a collaborative planning process to develop a comprehensive action plan. Attorney’s please contact me for more information. 

Please note. I am no longer a member of the bar. I cannot and will not provide any legal guidance to parents or others. I will also not make any recommendations about legal counsel. Please do not contact me to ask about this. 

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