Harassed or Bullied Students

There is an increased need for attorneys to assist K-12 students who are being harassed and bullied in U.S. schools.

Despite over a decade of attention to this concern, efforts of schools to reduce bullying and harassment have had marginal to no positive impact.

Bullying and harassment of students is recognized as a public health concern due to the well-documented harms to students’ learning, as well as life-long emotional and physical well-being. 

Efforts of the federal government to protect the interests of students who are being bullied and harassed, especially the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR), are being substantially reduced. 

To prevail in these cases will require successfully combating the common defense of schools — that every time the student reported, the principal investigated and responded. The effectiveness of this defense was evident in two recent circuit court decisions in the 4th and 6th circuits.

Based on both research insight and agency guidance, this level of school response is entirely insufficient to adequately respond to the specific hurtful situation and to correct the hostile environment that is supporting the ongoing harm. 

Video Training

Deliberate Indifference to a Hostile Environment in School

The video training focuses on litigation under federal civil rights laws that address discriminatory harassment and covers the following:

  • Underlying Source of the Problem
  • Bullying and Harassment Research Insight
  • Case Law
  • Civil Rights Regulations and Guidance
  • What to Focus on to Make a Case
  • Public Education and Advocacy

Watch the video training at no charge on YouTube.

Note, this training does not address other causes of action, such as those under 42 USC 1983. A future training will address this. An additional future training will address issues faced by students with disabilities more deeply.


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