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These are links related to issues discussed during my interview on OPB’s Think Out Loud. I will provide the link to the interview when it is available. This has been posted before the interview. If I mention anything else, I will add it after the show.

Salem-Keizer News Stories and Commentary

The Problem and Effective Solutions

This is my introduction to Empower Students to Embrace Civility. This outlines the research that documents what is not working in bullying prevention and suggests an alternative approach.

This slideshow demonstrates the problem in more graphic format. These are the citations.


Schools should not communicate the message “bullying causes suicide,” show the movie The Bully, or have other presenters who share the bullying causes suicide. This is unfairly blaming young people This message could cause a young person who is being bullied to think that suicide is an option to consider.

Positive Education Alternatives

Embrace Civility is the student program approach I encourage schools to use to assist students in promoting positive relations.

Off-Campus Student Speech

Schools have the constitutional authority to respond to student off-campus speech that has, or foreseeably could, cause a substantial disruption at school or significant interference with the ability of any other student to learn. The balance is between a student’s free speech rights and the right of other students to receive an education. If a student attacks a staff member online, this situation often does not result in an interference with students’ right to learn.


Bullying Resolution Advocacy

This new Embrace Civility in the Digital Age initiative seeks to address the concern that was so evident in the second recent news story in the Statesman-Journal–the ineffectiveness of schools in responding to student reports of chronic bullying or harassment.

The reasons for these concerns were discussed in the Empower Students to Embrace Civility and the slideshow above.

It appears that parents do not know there is a complaint process they can follow if they are not satisfied with how a principal has responded. Therefore, we have established a new parent advocacy program to provide parents with assistance on this.

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