Resources for Oregon Schools


A commentary I wrote published in the Register Guard in Eugene on December 3, 2017. A Plan to Address Bullying in Schools

An even earlier commentary on the concerns of bullying was published in January, 2017. The Bully Myth

A version of this commentary/document was also published nationally in District Administration, a publication for this nation’s school leaders. A “Troubled Waters” Survival Guide for Schools.

Increasing Student Resilience: A Guide for Oregon Schools

It is my opinion that in Fall 2018 and throughout the school year, there will be increased student anxiety and negative outcomes from this. The negative outcomes include increased bullying and harassment and increased risk of suicide or school violence, including school shootings.

The reason for this is that the election activities are pretty much guaranteed to raise concerns related to race, national origin, LGBTQ, and sexual harassment or assault. Additionally, there will be a significant focus on school shootings because of the desires to address gun control.

It is known that there is a contagion effect that increases the possibility of both suicide and school shootings when these concerns appear in the media.

Increase Student Resilience: A Guide for Oregon Schools provides insight into research-based approaches that can be relatively easily implemented that should help to increase student resilience.

Embrace Civility in the Digital Age is also seeking schools that are interested in a pilot implementation of the Embrace Civility student program. This program is currently focused on bullying prevention — fostering positive relations. It is being expanded to better increase activities related to resilience and to address intimate personal relationships and digital activities, concerns which have been implicated in the suicide attempts and completions this spring. A pilot implementation proposal is also available.


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