YBCTYour Bullied Child or Teen: A Parent Empowerment Guide

Embrace Civility in the Digital Age is please to announce a new booklet for parents and other adults, Your Bullied Child or Teen: A Parent Empowerment Guide.




Read my new blog that introduces this Booklet.

Watch a video on YouTube.

This 24-page Booklet addresses:

  • Evidence that the current bullying prevention approach used in most schools is not working and insight into why.
  • Legal protections for your bullied child or teen.
  • Strategies to prepare and make your case for the need for more effective intervention in the situation facing your child or teen.
  • Insight into more effective intervention approach to be used with the student(s) who are being hurtful.
  • Practical strategies you can use to help your bullied child or teen gain greater resilience.
  • Guidance on what schools should be doing to better respond to this concern and how you can encourage them to do so.
  • A template for a letter to be solicited from your pediatrician to support your request for attention to the concern.
  • A Positive Action Plan for children or teens who have been bullied.

Download the Booklet

Download the Positive Action Plan

This Booklet and Positive Action Plan may be downloaded and distributed for non-profit purposes at no charge.

Your Bullied Child or Teen at Summer Camp – coming soon. In the meantime, here is information for summer camps on how to reduce bullying.

Please No Requests for Personal Assistance

I have provided all of the guidance that I have to offer in this Booklet and video and do not have the ability to provide additional insight. If you need further assistance than is in the Booklet, please consult with an attorney.

Request for Donation

Over the last several years, I have written a book, Positive Relations @ School (& Elsewhere) and created a positive peer intervention for students, Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand. This effort was self-funded. In writing this book and creating this program, I dedicated extensive time to ensure that both the legal and social science research was fully investigated and my guidance was current and sound.

I still need to finalize a comprehensive planning approach for schools and more substantive guidance on conducting effective investigations and interventions. All of this work needs to be implemented and evaluated. Significant informational outreach to schools will be necessary.

To support my ongoing work to encourage positive change in schools, I am asking that those who have downloaded this Booklet, Positive Action Plan, and/or watched the video, and have found the insight to be of value, to provide a donation as a payment for these resources. You can make a secure donation through PayPal using the button below.

Thanks for recognizing value and returning same. Blessings.

Additional Resource: Cyber Savvy Parents. A brief guidance document for parents on digital safety issues.

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