Support and Empower Your Bullied Child:
A Guide for Parents



Your Bullied Child

Your son or daughter is being tormented by a group of students at school. Snide comments, nasty rumors, “eye-rolling” have all become part of your child’s life. Your child has become increasingly depressed. Often, your child does not want to go to school. 

When you discussed these concerns with the principal, these things may have happened:

  • The principal may have indicated a very sincere concern about this situation and an intent to help make things better for your child. The problem is that what the school is doing simply does not seem to be making things better.
  • Alternatively, you may have heard such comments as, “They were just joking.” “Your child is overreacting.” “Things like this happen. Your child needs to learn to deal with it.” “If your child would stop (describe behavior), this wouldn’t happen.”
  • Perhaps the principal may have punished the student or students being hurtful to your child, but this has only made things worse. Or other students are now being hurtful.
  • Perhaps your child’s own behavior and lack of social skills are part of the problem, but you do not know how to help your child make positive changes. 
  • Or worse, because students are constantly bullying your child in very subtle ways, your child got angry and lashed out in a more obvious way. So your child is the one who has been punished–which has only made the bullying of your child worse.
  • Perhaps the source of hurtful attitudes that are leading to the bullying of your child are coming from other parents or the community or school staff.
  • Perhaps, most of the hurtful acts are taking place online and the principal has told you, “off-campus, not our job.”

But anytime any issue related to bullying goes public, you can count on the fact that a school administrator will issue a statement that says something like, “Our district has zero tolerance to bullying.” Conduct a search in “news”  with the phrase “our district has zero tolerance to bullying” and you will see what I mean. 

About this Kindle Book

The problem is that what most schools are doing to stop bullying isn’t working. It isn’t that most schools aren’t trying or don’t want to stop bullying. The problem is that what schools are doing isn’t effective.

If you are a parent, guardian or other adult who is concerned about the well-being of a chronically bullied child, you know that what schools are doing is generally not working.

This book has been written to help provide you with the insight necessary to make things better for your child. This book addresses:

  • Insight into the nature of bullying and its concerns. 
  • Evidence that the current bullying prevention approach is not working and insight into why.
  • Legal protections for your bullied child.
  • Strategies to prepare and make your case for the need for more effective intervention in the situation facing your child.
  • Insight into an effective intervention approach to be used with the student(s) who are being hurtful.
  • Practical strategies you can use to empower your child with greater resilience.
  • Strategies you can use to encourage your child to be a Helpful Ally to reach out to help another student who is being treated badly. 


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Template Support Letter from Pediatrician or Mental Health Professional

Character Strengths Inventory


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