Over the last decade or more, I have been writing a variety of shorter or longer reports. Most of these address digital safety issues. This page provides access to much of what I have written.

More Recent Reports

State Statutes and District Policies
Responding to Hurtful Off-Campus Online Student Speech

This document has been created to provide insight for state legislatures or school districts that are seeing to add a reference to “off-campus speech” to state bullying prevention statutes or district policies. The addition of this language is very important to provide clear notice to students.

Influencing Positive Peer Interventions: A Synthesis of the Research Insight (10/2012)

This document provides the synthesis of research on strategies to influence young people to positively intervene if they witness that a peer is being hurt or is otherwise at risk. This synthesis of the research provides the foundation for both Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand and Cyber Savvy, embrace Civility in the Digital Age’s two new programs.

Clearing Up the Confusion: School Response to Student Off-Campus Harmful Speech (4/2012)

There is a significant amount of confusion about the legal standards governing when school officials can respond to student off-campus, online harmful speech. This document will outline the current legal standards and provide recommendations, based on the case law, for how districts and principals can proceed.

Cyberbullying, Sexting, and Predators, Oh My! Addressing Youth Risk in the Digital Age in a Positive and Restorative Manner (10/2012)

This document provides comprehensive insight into these issues and sets forth recommendations for effective prevention and intervention ground in the promotion of positive social norms, enhancement of effective skills, encouragement of helpful allies, and the use of restorative interventions.

Protecting Children in the 21st Century

This Issue Brief provides an overview of the requirements under the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act, addresses issues of effectiveness, and presents Embrace Civility in the Digital Age’s approach to providing instruction on these issues.

Educator’s Guide to Digital Risk

This Issue Brief outlines the key risks some young people face related to the use of digital technologies, outlines aspects of the digital environment that may impact these risks, describe key issues in effective prevention and intervention, and make recommendations for a comprehensive school approach.

Digital Risk ~ Investigation & Intervention

This Issue Brief outlines legal issues, policies and practices and recommendations for investigations and interventions.

Cyber Savvy

This Issue Brief outlines the approach to teaching digital safety and civility in Nancy Willard’s new book Cyber Savvy: Embracing Digital Safety and Civility.

Cyber Savvy Parents

This is an informational document that can be provided to parents on how to keep their children safe and encourage their teens to be savvy.

Cyber Savvy Libraries

This Issue Brief outlines strategies for how libraries can assist young people in becoming Cyber Savvy.

Legacy Materials

This page provides assess to older materials.


This page provides access to articles written by or quoting Nancy, and webinars and broadcasts.

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