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Empowering Students to Maintain Positive Relationships


Embrace Civility LLC supports the full engagement of students in maintaining an environment where hurtful behavior is incompatible with the accepted social norms and where everyone takes responsibility for the quality of personal relationships. 

  • Empower students to maintain positive relationships by engaging positively powerful students as leaders, encouraging positive norms, and increasing student relationship skills.
  • Increase the effectiveness of school leaders, teachers, and staff in supporting positive relationships and responding to  hurtful incidents in a restorative manner that supports the empowerment of involved students and effectively resolves the concerns.


Engage Students to
Embrace Civility

Engage Students to Embrace Civility provides school leaders with research-based guidance to:

  • Reduce instances of hurtful behavior.
  • Support targeted students to respond effectively when treated badly.
  • Increase positive peer interventions by students who witness hurtful incidents
  • Influence students who are hurtful to stop and remedy the harm.
  • Increase the effectiveness of staff and school leaders in responding.


Empowered to
Embrace Civility


This program is being implemented in a few schools. After this initial trial, the program will be offered to additional schools at a low price through a Participatory Evaluation approach. 

If you are interested please contact me

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Empowered to Embrace Civility teaches students to:. 

  • Step in to Help. Support those who are treated badly. Help resolve conflict.
  • Say “Stop.” Help those who are hurtful to stop, own it, and fix it.
  • Report Concerns. Report serious concerns to an adult who can help.
  • Stop, Own it, and Fix It. Avoid being hurtful. If you were, stop, own it, and fix it.
  • Be Positively Powerful. Become positively powerful. Respond effectively if someone is hurtful.

Be Positively Powerful Books for Young People

Notice: I am revising these books. Please do not purchase at this time.

The focus of Embrace Civility LLC’s Be Positively Powerful resources is on empowering young people — empowering them with greater personal power and to be resilient, able to remain calm when things get tough, and happy.

A special focus of our efforts is on young people who are treated badly by peers or adults. We also seek to encourage those who have been hurtful to stop, own it, and fix it and those who witness hurtful situations to step in to help.

The Be Positively Powerful research-based strategies are set forth in the image. The research that underlies these strategies is set forth in Chapter 6 of Engage Students to Embrace Civility. You can review this research ESEC Chapter 6

Be Positively Powerful: A Guide for Teens on Achieving Resilience and Empowerment


This book for teens presents insight into their brain development and the Be Positively Powerful strategies. The book then applies these strategies in situations where someone is being hurtful to them, They have been hurtful to someone, close personal relationships, social media use, and how to be a leader.

Be Positively Powerful: Resilient When Things Get Tough


This book for pre-teens presents information on how their brain functions and the Be Positively Powerful strategies, then applies these strategies in hurtful situations. 

Professional Development and Consulting

Professional development or consulting services for schools.


This image is from a Keynote I did in Indiana in 2013. You can watch my Keynote. This is the handout

Parent Resources

  • This page provides parents with insight to assist them in insisting on an effective resolution of hurtful situations when their child is being bullied or harassed. 
  • Civil rights laws in the US. 
  • How to document what is happening to file an effective complaint.
  • How to empower their child.


Resolution Services

  • Services offered for attorneys who are representing:
  • Students who have experienced discriminatory harassment, sex harassment, or bullying.
  • School districts that are seeking a positive resolution, including a settlement agreement, in a harassment or bullying situation or are responding to concerns associated student speech.


Heritage Resources

I have been writing on these issues for well over a decade. This page links to many of my published articles and documents. This also links to information on a program I created called Cyber Savvy. 



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Embrace Civility Facebook Group

As my hope is for Participatory Involvement in the advancement of the concepts I am launching, a Facebook group to facilitate discussions among school leaders, school mental health professionals, and others interested in the well-being of young people. Please join us!

Empowering Students

to Maintain

Positive Relationships

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