Embrace Civility

Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of Young People Today!

The mission of Embrace Civility (former name was Embrace Civility in the Digital Age) is to provide guidance to caring adults so they can better engage young people to embrace civility and foster positive relations.

Embracing civility supports the full engagement of students in maintaining an environment where hurtful behavior is incompatible with the accepted social norms and where everyone takes responsibility for the quality of the relationships.

My focus is on on research-based strategies to:

  • Engage all members of the school community in the effort to establish a positive school climate that embraces kindness, inclusion, and civility.
  • Increase the effectiveness of teachers in supporting positive relations and responding to minor hurtful incidents in a restorative manner that supports increased resilience of the involved students.
  • Increase the effectiveness of principals in investigating and intervening in the more serious or chronic hurtful situations in a manner that supports increased resilience of all involved students, holds hurtful students accountable, remedies the harm, corrects environmental concerns, and ensures ongoing monitoring until all involved students indicate that things have gotten better.
  • Empower students to embrace kindness, inclusion, and civility by engaging students as leaders in this effort, using a positive norms approach to encourage positive behavior, and increasing student resilience and skills as a witness to a hurtful situation, the one being hurtful, or the one treated badly.

Two Books

Engage Students to Embrace Civility

Engage Students to Embrace Civility is a resource for school leaders that addresses why the current approaches they are using are not effectively reducing hurtful behavior or responding effectively to the more serious situations of bullying or harassment. This book presents research-based strategies for schools to engage with students to establish a more positive school environment. Now available on Amazon.

Be Positively Powerful: A Guide for Teens on Achieving Resilience and Empowerment

Be Positively Powerful: A Guide for Teens on Achieving Resilience and Empowerment is a new book I have written for teens. This book provides teens with seven positively powerful strategies to achieve resilience and empowerment. Now available on Amazon.

Bullying Resolution

Bullying Resolution provides insight for parents in Oregon on how to advocate for their child who is being bullied or harassed.

This also provides information on how parents can request Nancy Willard to conduct an Independent Educational Evaluation for their child with disabilities who is being bullied or harassed.

Embrace Civility in Schools

Embrace Civility in Schools provides resources for educators.

Engage Students to Embrace Civility

Engage Students to Embrace Civility resources provide insight for educators that address:

  • Why current bullying prevention approaches are not effective and research-based strategies to achieve a more positive school climate that fosters positive relations.
  • Strategies grounded in trauma informed care, positive social norms, and social-emotional learning to empower students to foster positive relations.
  • Strategies to empower school staff to effectively respond when they witness hurtful incidents or hurtful incidents are reported.
  • Strategies to effectively investigate and intervene in the more serious or chronic situations.
  • Watch a new short Engage Students to Embrace Civility Introductory Video here

Embrace Civility

Embrace Civility is a student leadership program for students in grades 4 through early high school that teaches the values and skills to foster positive relations that focuses on positive social norms and effective skills.

  • Reach Out. Be kind to those who are treated badly or left out and help resolve conflict.
  • Say “Stop.” Help those who are hurtful stop, accept personal responsibility, and remedy the harm.
  • Report Concerns. Report serious concerns to an adult who can help.
  • Stop, Own it, and Fix It. Avoid being hurtful and if you were, stop yourself, accept responsibility, and remedy the harm.
  • Be Positively Powerful. Respond effectively if someone is hurtful and become positively powerful.

Expert Witness and Consultancy Services

These services are offered for attorneys who are either representing students who have experienced discriminatory harassment, sex harassment, or bullying or attorneys who are representing school districts who are seeking a positive resolution in a harassment or bullying situation or are seeking to respond to concerns associated with issues of free speech, hate speech, or off-campus speech.



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