These are articles, webinars, or broadcasts that have been written by, feature, or quote Nancy Willard:

The School Administrator

A Positive Approach to Reduce Bullying and Harassment (12/2014)

Federal Courts: OK to Intervene Off-Campus (4/2012)

Identifying Effective Tactics for Cyberbullying Awareness (4/2012)

Cyberbullying and Sexting: Q&A with a Youth Risk Online Expert (8/2010)

Complying with Federal Law for Safe Internet Use (4/2002)

District Administration

Beyond Resolving Bullying Incidents (6/2013)

Engaging Students to Prevent Bullying (4/2013)

Protecting Children in the 21st Century (9/2012)

We Hate Ashley (9/2008)

Student Bashes Administrators, Gets Disciplined (9/2008)

Can You Override Your Internet Filter? (9/2003)

Keeping Safe, Keeping Smart (1/2003)

School Leadership Briefing

Developing Effective Internet Safety Education (12/2011)

Education Technology and Change

Cyberbullying: An Interview with Nancy Willard

Education Week

When Cyberbullying Spills into Schools (2/2012)

What Principals Can Do About Cyberbullying (6/2010)

Cyberbullying: What Educators need to Know to Stop Online Social Cruelty (4/2006)

Education World

A Web 2.0 Approach to Internet Safety: Prevention and Intervention

Sex and the Internet: Malware and Porn Traps: What Schools Can Do:

What’s Not Working: Schools, the Internet, and Copyright Law:

Why Teens Make Unsafe Choices:

Youth Risk Online: Foundational Concerns:

Youth Risk Online: An Overview:

School Library Journal 

Flame Retardant Cyberbullies torment their victims 24/7. (4/1/2006)

Stranger Danger? Online Safety (3/1/2007)

Gale Schools The “MySpace Phenomenon” (3/2006)

Social Networking Technologies: Here to Stay and It’s Really Okay (10/2007)


Audio interview with Nancy Willard