Be Positively Powerful

Warm Welcome

The focus of the work of Embrace Civility LLC is on empowering young people — empowering them with greater personal power and to be resilient, able to remain calm when things get tough, and happy. 

A special focus of our efforts is on young people who are treated badly by peers or adults. We also seek to encourage those who have been hurtful to stop, own it, and fix it and those who witness hurtful situations to step in to help.

What is Be Positively Powerful?

Be Positively Powerful is Embrace Civility LLC’s research based approach to support young people (and adults) in becoming more empowered, resilience, able to remain calm when things get tough, and happy. The seven Be Positively Powerful Strategies are set forth on the image.


It would be wonderful to be able to promise you that you can lead a charmed, happy, and successful life during your teen years and beyond—free from worries, emotional hurts, and distress. You would never be denigrated or put down, break up with a friend, receive a grade lower than an “A,” lose a game, or fail to be accepted to a college or training school of your choice. 

Unfortunately, life does not work like that. As you walk down the path of life towards adulthood, there will be twists and turns—as well as pot holes. Even more unfortunately, for some of you, life may bring even greater challenges. 

During your teen years, many of these challenges relate to personal relationships with your peers. Maintaining positive relationships and responding effectively when something goes wrong will be the major focus of this book. 

The insight provided in this book comes from a field of study called “positive psychology. Positive psychology is a scientific approach to studying how people think, feel, and behave with a focus on how they build strengths. Positive psychology focuses on such things as happiness, confidence, well-being, and compassion. 

The insight and strategies that are set forth in Be Positively Powerful will help you live your best life—no matter what challenges you encounter on your path.

It would be wonderful to promise that you will never have any any worries or sadness in your life. 

Unfortunately, life does not work like that. Sometimes bad things will happen.

You could get a bad grade. Someone could treat you badly. You could get into a fight with a friend. Your team could lose their game. You could have problems where you are living. Someone you love could leave or die. 

The objective of this book is to help you to become resilient when things get tough. 

Being resilient is being strong and happy — even if bad things have happened. When you are resilient you can “bounce back” from bad experiences.

When you are resilient you can learn from any bad things that have happened. You can then use what you learned to live a more happy and successful life.   

Be Like a Dandelion!

Dandelions are resilient! 

Even a sidewalk or bunch of rocks won’t stop a dandelion from growing and blooming. 

You can grow and bloom just like a dandelion!