Embrace Civility in School

Embrace Civility in School

The mission of Embrace Civility in the Digital Age is to provide guidance to caring adults so they can better engage young people to embrace civility and foster positive relations.

Embracing civility is an approach that shifts from the failed “rules and punishment” or “compliance” approach to bullying prevention to the full engagement of students in maintaining an environment where hurtful behavior is incompatible with the accepted social norms and where everyone takes responsibility for the quality of the relationships.

  • Engage all members of the school community in establishing a positive school climate that embraces kindness, inclusion, and civility.
  • Increase the effectiveness of school staff in discussing positive relations with students and responding to what appear to be minor hurtful incidents in a restorative and empowering manner, and identifying the more serious or chronic situations. Ensure that all school staff:
    • Have an accurate understanding of the dynamics of hurtful behavior
    • Use effective strategies to intervene in hurtful incidents they witness or are reported.
  • Increase the effectiveness of principals and counselors in investigating and intervening in the more serious or chronic situations in a manner that is restorative, supports the empowerment of all involved students, and ensures ongoing monitoring until all parties indicate the matter has been resolved. Ensure that school leaders, including administrators, counselors, and school psychologists:
    • Understand the legal parameters that relate to their responsibilities. 
    • Engage in comprehensive efforts to ensure a positive school climate.Effectively investigate and intervene in a restorative manner in the more serious hurtful situations.
  • Empower students to embrace kindness, inclusion, and civility using a positive norms and student leadership approach that fosters positive behavior and increases student skills as a witness, the one being hurtful, or the one treated badly. Engage students by ensuring they have the values and skills to:
    • Be self-confident and respond in a powerfully positive manner if someone is hurtful to them. 
    • Stop themselves from being hurtful and make things right if they have been.
    • Effectively step in to help if they witness hurtful behavior.

Embrace Civility

Embrace Civility is a program for students in grades 4 through early high school that teaches these values and skills to foster positive relations!

Engage Students to Embrace Civility

Engage Students to Embrace Civility resources provide insight for educators.