To effectively foster positive student relations and hurtful student behavior (including “bullying) requires shifting to a powerfully positive approach that emphasizes the positive norms held by the majority of youth and empowers young people with the skills necessary to effectively step in to help if they witness hurtful behavior, to stop themselves from being hurtful and take steps to make things right if they have been, and to be self-confident and respond with positive power if someone is hurtful to them.

This also requires that staff have an accurate understanding of hurtful interactions between students and effective strategies to assist students stop being hurtful, accept personal responsibility, remedy the harm, and restore relationships.

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Be a Leader!

Be a Leader! is Embrace Civility in the Digital Age’s powerfully positive program to empower students to:

  • Reach Out to those who have been left out or treated badly.
  • Say “Stop” to those who are hurtful.
  • Report Concerns to an adult who can help.
  • Stop, Own It & Fix It if they have been hurtful.
  • Be Positively Powerful in response to hurtful incidents.

This program comes in two versions: Elementary and Secondary. This program is being provided to schools at NO CHARGE!

An associated professional development program that provides insight into the research that underlies the Be a Leader! approach will be available later in September. This program can be used:

  • Independently by educators to receive 5 Continuing Education Units.
  • For professional development activities at a school or district level.
  • As the basis for instruction to be integrated into an preservice university teacher or administrator course (approximately one week of instruction).

This program will help educators better understand the challenges associated with preventing bullying and powerful research-based strategies to:

  • Empower students who are being chronically targeted with greater self-confidence and resilience.
  • Reduce hurtful behavior and encourage students who have been hurtful to stop, accept personal responsibility, and remedy the harm.
  • Increase positive intervention in hurtful situations by peer witnesses.
  • Increase the effectiveness of school staff in responding to hurtful incidents they witness or are reported in a way that increases student resilience, remedies the harm, and reinforces positive peer norms.

BONUS! An additional program for school administrators and counselors will address strategies for investigations and restorative interventions in more serious or ongoing hurtful situations.

Expert Services

Nancy Willard is available for workshops and can also provide webinars for professional development. Nancy also provides legal research, mediation, and settlement assistance to attorneys working for school districts or student plaintiffs.


Nancy’s resources to address digital safety are found here. This work has been “back-benched” while Nancy has been working on new resources to promote positive relations.

Informational Documents

Over the years, Nancy Willard has written numerous reports and articles. You can find these resources on this page.

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