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Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of Young People Today!

The mission of Embrace Civility in the Digital Age is to provide guidance to caring adults so they can better empower young people to embrace civility and foster positive relations.

Embracing civility is an approach that shifts from the failed “rules and punishment"  approach to bullying prevention to the creation of an environment where hurtful behavior is incompatible with the accepted social norms. This requires:

Helping young people gain the values and skills to:

  • Effectively step in to help if they witness hurtful behavior.
  • Stop themselves from being hurtful and make things right if they have been.
  • Be self-confident and respond in a powerfully positive manner if someone is hurtful to them.

Ensuring school staff and other adults who work with young people:

  • Have an accurate understanding of the dynamics of hurtful behavior.
  • Use effective strategies to intervene in hurtful incidents that assist young people in resolving hurtful situations.    

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Be a Leader! Embrace Civility

Be a Leader! Embrace Civility is a FREE program for students in 4th through 12th grade. Teach your students the values and skills to foster positive relations!

  • Reach Out. Be kind to those who are treated badly or left out and help resolve conflict.
  • Say “Stop.” Help those who are hurtful stop, accept personal responsibility, and remedy the harm.
  • Report Concerns. Report serious concerns to an adult who can help.
  • Stop, Own it, and Fix It. If you were hurtful, stop yourself and remedy the harm.
  • Be Positively Powerful. Respond effectively if someone is hurtful and become positively powerful.

Given the challenges of the time, Embrace Civility in the Digital Age has produced guidance on how schools can quickly implement an Embrace Civility Initiative. This Initiative can be combined with the Be a Leader! Embrace Civility program. 

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Empower Students to Embrace Civility

Empower Students to Embrace Civility is a six Unit professional development online course for educators, offered through eThink, a Moodle Partner. Educators can earn 9 or 12 Continuing Education Units provided through Portland State University through an Independent Study Option. The program is also available for use as a School-Wide Professional Development Program.

This is great opportunity for every educator to gain excellent insight and easy to implement strategies to empower students! 

  • Gain insight into current challenges in bullying prevention research and expert recommendations for a more effective approach.
  • Learn how to better empower students who are targeted with self-confidence and resilience; help those who are hurtful to stop, own it, and fix it; and increase positive interventions by peers.
  • Learn how to more effectively respond to hurtful incidents.

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