Embrace Civility in the Digital Age promotes a 21st Century approach to address bullying and youth risk in the digital age.  This approach promotes positive norms, increases effective skills and resiliency, and encourages young people to be helpful allies who positively intervene when they witness peers being hurt or at risk.


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Positive Relations @ School (& Elsewhere)

Legal Ramifications & Positive Strategies to Address Bullying & Harassment

Positive Relations @ School (& Elsewhere) is Nancy’s new book that provides guidance to schools on how to reduce bullying and harassment and limit its harmful effects in a manner that will both effectively address the well-being of students and assist schools from avoiding litigation and civil rights enforcement actions.

Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand

The NEW version of Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand: How Young People Can Reduce Bullying, Disrespect & “Drama” is now available. Check out this!

Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand: How Young People Can Reduce Bullying, Disrespect & “Drama” provides a short instructional booklet for young people that is packed full of research-based insight on reducing bullying and other forms of hurtful behavior, increasing positive peer intervention, and increasing resilience. A slideshow and discussion survey for young people is also provided.  An Adult Guide provides insight into the research, strategies to discuss these issues with young people, and strategies adults can use when intervening in hurtful situations that are in accord with the latest research on promoting restoration, resilience, and positive peer intervention. A narrated slideshow covering the material in the Adult Guide is also available.

Just wanted to provide links to my favorite videos that focus on youth empowerment:

Professional Development

Just getting going, this page provides access to Informational Documents and short Videos that can be used to support professional development.


Parents can obtain a new booklet, Your Bullied Child or Teen: A Parent Empowerment Guide, and watch a video that provides guidance. An additional document on digital safety is also on this page.

Expert Services

Nancy Willard is available for workshops and can also provide webinars for professional development.

Nancy also provides legal research, mediation, and settlement assistance to attorneys working for school districts or student plaintiffs.


Nancy’s resources to address digital safety are found here. This work has been “back-benched.”

Informational Documents

Over the years, Nancy Willard has written numerous reports and articles. You can find these resources on this page.

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