Engage Students to Embrace Civility

Introduction to the Book

I am pleased to provide you with some documents that will help you to learn more about Engage Students to Embrace Civility.

Introduction of Book

Structure of Book


Chapter 6. This chapter provides the Positively Powerful resilience strategies. I can provide a workshop for school staff on trauma, these resilience strategies, and recommendations on how they can intervene when students become disruptive or are hurtful. 


As I stated in the book, rather than include appendices in the book, I am providing them online. In this way, you will be able to create your own documents for use locally.

Investigation Protocol

Character Strengths Survey

Embrace Civility Student Survey

By purchase of the book, schools can preview the Embrace Civility Survey  and use it with their students to obtain this data. However, use of the data for instructional activities will require acquiring the Empowered to Embrace Civility Program. . 

Related Articles

These are documents I have created over the years that relate most significantly to the contents of this book. I have been working on these issues for a very long time, especially the approach of how to encourage positive peer intervention. 

I have modified these documents only slightly. 

How Wide is Your Net? Questions to ask to determine whether you are prepared to stop school shootings and youth suicide. 

Increase Student Resilience. Research based strategies to increase student resilience. 

Trauma Informed School Safety. Trauma informed practices to support school safety. 

Mental Health Aspects of Bullying and Trauma. This is a document for mental health practitioners in or out of school. 

Rethinking Token Rewards. Why token rewards and behavior management charts are harmful for students. This has been updated in the new edition. 

Positive Peer Intervention. Research-based strategies to increase peer intervention. This is a brief handout. The Be a Friend-Lend a Hand program referenced in this has been revised into Empowered to Embrace Civility

Embrace Civility Student Survey. The results of a survey I conducted in 2016 about hurtful behavior. The results of this survey were were relied on to write the first edition of Engage Students to Embrace Civility, published in 2018, as well as this version. 


This is where I will post links to podcasts or appearances I make related to this new book and student program. 

These are some older appearances:

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In the Bullpen with Dr. T. What Schools and Parents Need to Know about CyberBullying. 6 years ago.